10 Mar 2017

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Ballot Results and Clarification

Ballot Results and Clarification

First, thank you to everyone who voted in this election.  Each vote matters and will be counted.  Since that process is not yet complete, I wanted to give you a quick update to let you know what’s happening.

A total of 10,643 Redondo Beach ballots were counted by the Los Angeles County Election officials on Tuesday, March 7th.  2,435 ballots representing about 22.8% of the total still remain to be counted.  They include 843 Provisional ballots and 1,592 Vote-By-Mail ballots.  In our District, there are 686 ballots that need to be counted, representing approximately 28% of the total ballots for District 1.  So stay tuned!
Measure C, the ballot measure to downsize the current waterfront project has an overwhelming lead, 57% to 43%.
For Mayor, Bill Brand has 51.9% of the total compared to Steve Aspel's 43.8%.
The District 1 City Council results are:
Nils Nehrenheim (me) 49.31%
Martha Barbee 40.5%
Rolf Strutzenberg 10.2%
A majority (50%+1 vote) is required to win.  This means I need the total vote count to reflect .7% more votes from the uncounted 686 ballots to cross that threshold and avoid a run-off election in May.  Because the statistics here are so close, we must wait for all ballots to be counted to determine either a win or a run-off election.
I am very happy about Measure C, a Citizen’s Initiative that I not only co-authored, but also co-lead the signature gathering effort to get this qualified for the citywide ballot.  We knew it would be a huge, time-consuming effort requiring swift action and results, based on concerns and input from the community.  I listened, I heard you, we collaborated, moved forward quickly, lawfully and effectively to get the job done.  I’m proud of my leadership and results-oriented accomplishments with Measure C and look forward to a revitalization of our harbor that reflects our beach town character, preserving views and enhancing coastal dependent uses for the enjoyment of all.                 

We’re not done, we’re just beginning.  I expect to be involved in my community and our city for as long as I live here.  And tomorrow is another important day regarding the vote count.  I’ll keep you updated.  Thanks for your time, and have a great day!