27 Apr 2017

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Ballots are out!!!

Ballots are out!!!

You have until May 16th to personally return your ballot to the City Clerk or have it postmarked by the U.S. Mail.  But if you wait until May 16th to drop your ballot in the mail, it might not be postmarked the same day because of how the USPS processes mail.  So make sure to drop your ballot in the mail by May 15th if you're not having it hand-carried to the City Clerk.  By the way, your completed ballot can be delivered to the City Clerk by a trusted friend or neighbor who simply signs their name as the delivery person.  If you need that help, please contact me.  We'll be happy to provide drop-off service of your completed, signed ballot for you. 

The deadline for ballots delivered to reach the City Clerk's office via U.S. Mail is May 18th, and those ballots will only be counted if postmarked on or before May 16th.  Again, I highly recommend you drop off your ballot in the mail by the 15th or sooner if you're not having it delivered personally to the City Clerk's office on or before May 16th.


Meanwhile, I invite you to learn more about me by visiting my website, www.votefornils.org.

Lastly, I have another "Nacho's with Nils" event, tomorrow night at 6 pm on Massena Drive.  Please email me to RSVP and I'll forward the address!



Council Member Candidate, Nils Nehrenheim

Questions? Please email/call me anytime!



Endorsed by:

LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn

Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand
Redondo Beach Council Member Todd Loewenstein

Redondo Beach Public Safety Commissioner Ben Morse
Redondo Beach Former District 1 City Council Candidate, Rolf Strutzenberg