13 Aug 2018

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Court Trial Wine Fundraiser - $35 Subpoena Checks Most Welcome

Court Trial Wine Fundraiser - $35 Subpoena Checks Most Welcome

We killed the Waterfront Project. We Certified Measure C at Coastal Commission. And...

Yes, the lawsuit personally against me goes to trial in September. There have been an amazing amount of issues resolved in the past few months.  Come to hear all about those successes! Join me in socialization, support and celebrating with an amazing group of people at Captain Kidd's Fish Market and Restaurant in King Harbor.  

Captain Kidd's serves delectable fresh seafood from around the world. We’ll have appetizers available for your snacking pleasure while you taste some great wine and enjoy stimulating conversation.  (Don't fret - Nacho's with Nils will return sometime in the future.)  Dinner and larger menu items from the counter are no-host and well worth having your evening meal out at Captain Kidd's. Be sure to look at all their offerings.  Truly scrumptious, with an outstanding selection certain to please most appetites, and another reason why Redondo Beach residents love King Harbor.  https://captainkidds.com/

We’re having a wine auction at this event.  I respectfully ask for minimum donations as follows:  

One person: $35 plus a bottle of wine to taste
Two people: $50 per couple, plus two bottles of wine


Bring your $35 subpoena check and donate that to my Legal Defense Fund and get in for free!

An update to the lawsuit: The trial date is September 10th.  We've hired an election law expert and also had to endure more deposition and other Court costs. It’s grown very expensive to comprehensively defend these frivolous lawsuits and has taken a significant amount of time as well.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for your continued support and humbly ask you to please help more; as much as you can.  And tell friends who also value the hard work we've done on behalf of protecting the quality of life in our city and for our community.  We would not have been as successful with our efforts if not for your constant loyalty, contributions, and support.  

At the California Coastal Commission meeting on August 9th in Redondo Beach, Bradley Hertz, attorney for the two residents suing us, subpoenaed seven residents while public comment was happening for Certification of Measure C. He also wrote $35.00 checks to those residents, the fee required to accompany a witness subpoena, but only upon request of the individual.  Testify and get a subpoena?  Intimidation?  Harassment?  Retaliation? Wow!!! This is indicative of what we've been going through and I'm so very proud to say #RedondoDetermined!  We will not surrender to these baseless threats.

Please join me in continuing your support of helping us defend ourselves against these SLAPP-type lawsuits.  Thursday!  

 Thursday!  August 23, 2018.  
Captain Kidd's in King Harbor!  
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Can't make it in person? Checks graciously accepted and can be sent to:

"Nehrenheim Legal Defense Fund"
344 Avenue E
Redondo Beach, Ca 90277

Thank you.  Hope to see you then!

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