10 Nov 2018

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Going to trial November 14th

Going to trial November 14th

Lawsuits are beyond personal, they are meant to destroy people’s financial security, rob them of time, and attack them professionally. Mayor Brand, his treasurer Linda Moffat, resident Wayne Craig and I are going to trial next week. After a year and a half of depositions, motions, settlement conferences, and subpoenas were going to spend days in court explaining to a Judge how a few residents who just simply cared about their Community, ended up with mountains of legal debt.

During this last election, regarding an endorsement, there was massive outcry. Some called it “bullying”. We’re being sued by Arnette Travis and Chris Voicey. They are great friends with Council members Laura Emdee and Christian Horvath. Arnette sits on the NRBBA board, which Council member John Gran was the former President and Treasurer of. No need to wonder any further why this Community was in a complete uproar over an endorsement. For the record, freedom of speech is voicing an opinion, it’s not bullying. Filing lawsuits is bullying.

And for me, this is just the first, of two personal lawsuits since being elected that I have to defend myself against. I can’t thank this community enough for the continued support. Donations are always welcome, it’s what keeps us going. There are lights at the end of the tunnel, one this month, the other in March. Support online, http://www.votefornils.org/index.cfm/posts/lawsuits-abound/ thank you!

Here is Arnette Travis herself explaining herself what she thinks of our Mayor Bill Brand.