7 Feb 2017

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Legado / Bristol Farms returns to the City Council!

Legado / Bristol Farms returns to the City Council!

Fellow Neighbors,


As a quick recap, the City Council approved a 115 apartment-unit project, plus commercial space, plus Hotel in June of 2016. Legado, the developer sued to get 180 apartments. This is a settlement agreement hearing, between the City of Redondo Beach and Legado the developer.

Here are the major points:

  • Reduction in Commercial square feet, to reduce traffic to less than significant.
  • Subdivision of commercial property (Hotel) from the mixed-use parcel.
  • This new plan is the same as the 146 apartment plan. The size of the buildings and massing is still the same.
  • The Hotel, the most important part, still lacks a plan. This is one property and one project, apartments and Hotel should be done together in symphony!!
  • Everyone agrees: we want a distinguished Hotel!
  • Sewer upgrades are not apart of this project?
  • Exact plans for the amount of one, two and three bedroom apartments. We have no idea!
  • Legado talked about being a "good neighbor", where is the overall vision?
  • Openess and transperancy with the plans.
  • Can parts of the commercial portions be re-purposed?

Important Links:

Project rendering image #1

Project rendering image #1

Traffic report

The community, the CIty and the developer have come along quite far, great progress has been made! Our primary goal of a wonderful hotel, seems to have been given away, by agreeing that there would be no plans required prior to demolition and residential/ commercial construction.


How much longer the Palos Verdes Inn will be allowed to deteriorate even further? Almost two years following a single room A/C fire that's allowed Legado to have the excuse to keep it closed, depriving RB of sorely needed (and deserved) revenue via hotel occupancy taxes.


Please join your concerned neighbors in telling the City Council that the deal they've struck may be great for Legado, but might not be great for the residents!


Tuesday February 7th, 6pm starts, until late.

Redondo Beach City Council Chambers

415 Diamond Street

If you really can't be there in person to speak directly to the Mayor and City Council members who hold the future of our wonderful area in their hands, please please take just a moment to email them a short note, expressing your thoughts:








City Clerk (for filing):