25 Jan 2017

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Ortega 120 Fundraiser

Ortega 120 Fundraiser

Meet and greet with Nils Nehrenheim, an official candidate for the Redondo Beach City Council, District 1. Come by and have have some Nacho's with Nils. Event starts at 6:00pm on Wednesday January 25th, but we'll be there until 9:00pm and later!. Come by anytime and chat. 
Nils will be discussing the following items:
1. Measure C, the Future of our Waterfront in King Harbor
2. Keeping our communities Beach Character alive and well
3. Curbing traffic, pedestrian safety at crosswalks and Bicycle safety
4. Anything else that people want to talk about, I'm herer to listen!

Find out what is going on in Redondo Beach, meet some neighbors.

Ortega 120 is at 1814 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, California 90277