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About Nils Nehrenheim

As a lifelong South Bay resident, I work and play in Redondo Beach. I understand our community’s character and I will ensure that Redondo does not become a traffic nightmare like the Westside, as a result of dense development. My goal is to preserve the Redondo lifestyle through balanced, sustainable growth.

About Nils Nehrenheim

Drawing upon a deep connection to the Community

   Small Business Owner
For the last 20 years, I have been ensuring small businesses thrive by building websites, building their IT infrastructure, and providing constant support. As a small business owner, I am all too familiar with the challenges that small businesses face during these tough times. This personal and deep understanding has helped me shape business friendly policies.

    Los Angeles Lifeguard for 25 years on our local beaches

I am a proud lifeguard with a career that spans over two decades on our local beaches. This firsthand experience has allowed to me see the opportunities for partnership between the County and the City. Needless to say, I value local, community oriented, public safety services. We should be maximizing opportunities with other Beach Cities to ensure that these services stay local and provide higher levels of service.

As a Junior Lifeguard Instructor for over two decades, I have taught hundreds of youth how to swim safely in our oceans. It's an honor to teach them lifelong skills that can save a life someday. I can proudly attest to the value of a quality ocean safety program.

    Lifelong South Bay Resident

Born and raised in the South Bay, I am by definition a "local". It's a title that I don't take lightly and which I have always supported actions to preserve the character of our small beach town community. Improving South Redondo and preserving our beach-town character will always be where my efforts and energy will be.