Platform to stand on

A platform, crafted from years of dutifully serving this community. These are the guiding values that will enhace the vision to make sure that we don't become Santa Monica with the concrete canyons, density and traffic nightmare that dominate the everyday life of the Westside. We are a family oriented, beachtown community that has an active lifestyle.

Curb Traffic

Curb Traffic

  • Stop traffic growth from overdevelopement
  • PCH: Proactive working relationship with Caltrans, getmore "Measure M" money
  • STOP sign and signal enforcement
  • Pedestrian safety
Revitalization done Right!

Revitalization done Right!

  • Community input on developement projects
  • Harbor and Waterfront open space developement
  • Stopping "Concrete Canyon" developements
  • Ensuring developments are approved and built up to zoning
  • Work with developers to ensure a community oriented project
Transparent & Resident Friendly Government

Transparent & Resident Friendly Government

  • Informing residents of upcoming events
  • Online progress tracking of projects
  • Online reporting of City activity
  • Online participatory government
Business Friendly

Business Friendly

  • Work against PCH and Catalina Avenue blight
  • Create more Business Improvement Distrcts (BID's) to give more voice to businesses
  • Work to ensure businesses stay within our City
  • Jobs. Create sustainable and high paying jobs -Reverse the flow of traffic back into Redondo
  • Continually foster the working relationship between the Riviera Village Business Improvement District
Public Safety

Public Safety

  • Keep our public safety local.
  • Sustain and improve our levels of service
  • Ensure high levels of training and professionalism
Preserve Our Beach Town Character

Preserve Our Beach Town Character

  • Create a bicycle friendly environment
  • Promote active lifestyle through "walkability"
  • Preserve parks and open space
  • Enhance, preserve and create more tree lined streets

Platform Accomplishments -Last four years

The past four years have been busy. For the first time ever, Redondo Beach has campaign finance reform, line-item budgets, online transparency and a whole host of firsts.

Additionally, traffic safety projects have been made priority #1, targeting schools intersections first. Parks have received upgrades and trees received an updated trimming schedule.

LED STOP signs installed around Schools, key intersections and the Rivira Village made safer. Ensured crossing guards fully funded and earmarked a new crossing guard at Alta Vista. Traffic safety and eforcement have been made a priority.

LED STOP signs, schools and key intersection made safer

Veterans Park getting a massive playground overhaul with a NEW adult world class outdoor fitness court, free for the public to use. This was made possible only because we blended grant funds, a priority to maximize our tax-dollars.

Veterans Park upgrades -For children and adults, Blending grant funds makies things possible

Spearheaded getting Federal Grants for our local small businesses, the Riviera Village businesses received over $84,000 in funding for the garden Parkettes. Re-investing into our businesses only secures our jobs, community and future. In total, because of the work Councilmember Nehrenheim was able to secure over $140,000 city-wide for direct pandemic relief.

Blending and braiding multiple sources of funds, over $90,000 in public and private partnerships funding

Since 2017, Redondo Beach has been assaulted with multiple lawsuits from our alleged private partners. They have sued Mayor Brand, Councilmember Nehrenheim and private citizen Wayne Craig, as well as the CIty itself. We've been winning them all, costing the defendents millions of dollars.

continuous court victories, defending and winning multiple lawsuits.

Promised campaign finance reform, it is now law. First time in the history of the City, are there now campaign finance laws in place. In addition, our budget contain line-item analysis that shows how the City is actually spending your monies. True transparency that wasn't easy to accomplish.

FIscal transparency and Campaign finance reform, worked hard to accomplish, no easy feat