Vote for Nils before March 2nd 2021!

Why Nils is running for re-election in 2021

After four years and working cooperatively with the Councilmembers, there are many firsts for our quaint little beach town. From fiscal transparency-line item budgets, to campaign finance reform -which failed many times before and COVID-19 response -getting Federal funds to our small business.


There is much left to finish: getting the outdoor dining garden parkettes permanently built in the Village, hosting the Olympic 2028 Open Water Swim event, and a completely open budget to let you know exactly how the City spends your tax-dollars.

Why Nils is running for re-election in 2021

Re-elect Nils Nehrenheim for City Council 2021

I'm proud to serve our fantastic community for the past four years.

Striving to be an effective Councilmember, I brought forward resident focused policy including campaign finance reform, transparent line-item budgeting, street and traffic safety enhancements, LED stop signs, and ensured we had crossing guards for school intersections. Devout leadership for the Riviera Village streetscape improvements and drove momentum for the pioneering Beachlife music festival.

Zealously created outdoor dining opportunities for the Riviera Village during COVID-19; secured $84,000 in Federal funding. Protected local control from unfunded state mandates. While striving to prevent the "Santa Monica-zation" of our quaint beach town. Serving as an ocean Lifeguard for 25 years, fully understand the importance of vital Police and Fire services.

Building our beach-town character and partnering with numerous corporate stakeholders secured $2,000,000 to beautify Artesia Blvd. and $25,000 for white seabass restoration program. Establishing open-water swimming events in Redondo Beach, with plans towards hosting the Olympic event in 2028.

Restored Veterans park playground and added fitness equipment while keeping our streets safe and well maintained. Endorsed by Mayor Bill Brand and Supervisor Janice Hahn, its' been an honor to serve as your Councilmember and I humbly ask for your vote.

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