Making things happen

Moving projects forward, ensuring or community stays strong.

About Nils Nehrenheim

As a life-long South Bay resident, I work and play throughout Redondo Beach. I understand our communities character and will make sure that Redondo doesn’t become a traffic nightmare like the west side, or the density of concrete canyons. Preserving the lifestyle of Redondo and balancing a sensible, sustainable growth is my goal.

About Nils Nehrenheim

Drawing upon a deep connection to the Community

   Small Business Owner
As a small business owner, I build websites, social media platforms and technology solutions for businesses to thrive on. This experience will help me get our City government to become more transparent and proactively inform residents of upcoming projects and events.

    Los Angeles Lifeguard for 20 years on our local beaches

Working for the last 20 years on our local beaches, I understand the value of local community oriented public safety services. We should be working more with our fellow Beach Cities to ensure that these services stay local with a high level of service.

    Junior Lifeguard Instructor for 17 years

As a former Junior Lifeguard and now Instructor I can attest to the value of a quality ocean safety program.

    Lifelong South Bay Resident

Born and raised in the South Bay, I understand that we are not Santa Monica, nor do want to be. Improving South Redondo, our beach-town character will always be my goal.