Why Im running

Why Nils is running

As a resident who just couldn't sit and watch on the sidelines anymore, while seeing that nothing was getting done, Nils taken taken leadership and gotten things done. After R4, Nils has sat down with developers, financers and key community leaders to give input to a viable developer to buy and develop the AES power plant property (52 prime acres of waterfront property).

Why Nils is running

Why Nils is running

The decision to run for local office was not made lightly, but became evidently clear with the current direction of this City.

With Save The Riviera, Nils worked with a team of community members to get a viable project approved by the City Council, that has all the hallmarks of success: proper traffic management, community character, commercial development for tax revenues and community approval. 

With Rescue Our Waterfront, Nils lead community meetings, community Harbor walks, co-lead a signature gathering effort and co-wrote The King harbor C.A.R.E. Act. Now Measure C, a ballot Measure paid for by the people, written by the people, signed by the people, lead by the people: this is progress. The measure spells out specific zoning, which the current waterfront plan can conform to, without raising taxes. This is more than just progress, these are actionable items of accomplishments to move the community together as one harmoniously sync'd symphony.

That's why I am walking door-to-door, to hear people's concerns and ensure that we are truly represented, not rubber stamping $400 MM projects in the Harbor. Our Pier needs revitalization, not a Mall. Make these projects better, not stop them. Ensure that this communities character is alive and well, through organized positive leadership that brings results. Vote for Nils!