Platform to stand on

A platform, crafted from years of dutifully serving this community. These are the guiding values that will enhace the vision to make sure that we don't become Santa Monica with the concrete canyons, density and traffic nightmare that dominate the everyday life of the Westside. We are a family oriented, beachtown community that has an active lifestyle.

Curb Traffic

Curb Traffic

  • Stop traffic growth from overdevelopement
  • PCH: Proactive working relationship with Caltrans, getmore "Measure M" money
  • STOP sign and signal enforcement
  • Pedestrian safety
Revitalization done Right!

Revitalization done Right!

  • Community input on developement projects
  • No "Shopping Mall by the Sea"
  • Stopping "Concrete Canyon" developements
  • Ensuring developments are approved and built up to zoning
Transparent & Resident Friendly Government

Transparent & Resident Friendly Government

  • Informing residents of upcoming events
  • Online progress tracking of projects
  • Online reporting of City activity
  • Online participatory government
Business Friendly

Business Friendly

  • Work against PCH and Catalina Avenue blight
  • Create more Business Improvement Distrcts (BID's) to give more voice to businesses
  • Work to ensure businesses stay within our City
  • Jobs. Create sustainable and high paying jobs.
Public Safety

Public Safety

  • Keep our public safety local.
  • Sustain and improve our levels of service
  • Ensure high levels of training and professionalism
Preserve Our Beach Town Character

Preserve Our Beach Town Character

  • Create a bicycle friendly environment
  • Promote active lifestyle through "walkability"
  • Preserve parks and open space
  • Enhance, preserve and create more tree lined streets

Platform Accomplishments

Working with the community has given Nils a special insight and knowledge that no other candidate can match. Proven results of past accomplishments are key to moving forward. What has Nils done? Here are a few examples.

Our general plan has not been updated since 1992. Through the work of Save The Riviera, we are now undergoing a General Plan update. This only happened because of the hard work that was put in to make that happen.

Update to our general plan, Updating zoning, a viable vision

Met with developers to ensure proper open space on the AES power plant site. One of the most valuable 52 acres of waterfront land that has some of the greatest potentials moving forward for open space, park space and views.

AES Power plant, looking forward

Co-wrote the King Harbor C.A.R.E. Act, now known as Measure C. After 8 community meetings, hundreds of various types of inputs, Measure C was skillfully written with full Harbor revitalization in mind. No easy task, this required intricate knowledge of zoning, past practices and developement standards.

Measure C, Skillfully writing Measure C

Co-lead effort to gather 7,000 signatures to qualify the King Harbor CARE Act (Measure C) onto the ballot. An immense effort, requiring over 70+ volunteers and thousands of hours to get more than 10% of the Cities population to support the Measure C.

Ballot measure, Measure C

At the Bristol Farms / Legado site, brought down the number of apartments from 180 units to 115, ensuring that over-development would not change our community character. No one thought we would be successful to get to 115 apartments. Through perseverance and determination this project changed because of the constant input and leadership Nils brought forth with Save The Riviera.

Revitalization done right, Improved our Community's Character