19 Jan 2021

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Homeless Response

Homeless Response
Pallet shelters installed and housing Redondo homeless.

Homeless response

In the last four years, I have made the homeless issue of primary concern. We in South Redondo have multiple Churches that give out free food and services, six days a week for the past 20+ years. We have worked with those Churches to make sure those services do not impact our quality of life. In addition, we have created new pathways to help people move their lives forward.
  • Created "Homeless Court", instead of arrest and release we now give the option for rehabilitation and community service.
  • Built the "pallet shelter" program, housing 15 people directly off the streets. Today, already two individuals have found long-term housing and gained employment. NO Redondo Beach funds used in this program, a great example of the blending of funds from County and Federal sources.
  • Because of the "pallet shelter" program, we now enforce our "anti-camping" in Parks and streets.
  • Fully funded our "Quality of Life" prosecutor to prosecute minor offenses.
  • Enforce our parking regulations to stop vehicles from parking more than 72 hours in one location.
  • Fully support Harbor Interfaith to get over 40 individuals off of the streets and into temporary shelters.

I worked the State of California "Project Roomkey" program. My location alone had over 10 individuals from Redondo Beach. I spent 12-13 hour days, for 30+ days straight. Supervisor Hahn spent a few hours visiting my location. City Hall was a "ghost town", with no one camping.